Low Body Temperature And Headache

Submitted by Nick on October 18, 2012

A headache is described as any pain that is being felt in the skull and the surrounding area. There are many different parts of the body located here that can cause pain. Pain may be related to increased intracranial pressure. Pain may also be related to aching of the skull itself. The term headache is therefore rather vague. It is important that the nature of the headache is accurately described to a doctor so that there is some clarity about the possible cause of the condition.

Human body temperature is usually around 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a temperature around which the body's temperature ranges. The body manages its temperature range by using heat produced during metabolism. This heat is transported around the body in the blood. When the individual is too hot, the body allows heat dissipation through the skin, often using sweat to accelerate the process. There are some individuals who suffer from low body temperature and migraine headache simultaneously. In many cases, the headache is noticed but the body temperature is not noticed. This is because the term low body temperature refers to temperatures that are just 1 degree below normal. Individuals suffering from low body temperature and headache often experience dull and continuous aching in their heads. This is a symptom of thyroid deficiency. The thyroid gland is located in the throat. It produces hormones that control the process of metabolism. As mentioned above, metabolism helps with heat production. When this rate is low due to slow thyroid function, it leads to the development of low body temperature and migraine headache.

When it comes to low body temperature and sinus headache, many doctors believe that it is the low body temperature that is causing the headache in the first place. Therefore, an individual experiencing low body temperature and headache should visit a doctor for a checkup of various body hormones that are associated with metabolism. An individual suffering from low body temperature causing headache will usually experience low energy levels and may suffer from a lack of desire to work or function normally. This makes the condition of low body temperature and headache quite debilitating as it affects the productivity of the individual.

In order to temporarily get over a low body temperature migraine, one should try and do some physical activity, even walking. This helps to warm up the body and may help to release some of the pain that is being experienced. It is always good that you check with a doctor if you have regular attacks of low body temperature with headaches or low body temperature with sinus and such other conditions.

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