Elevated Beta Hydroxybutyrate Levels

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

Beta hydroxybutyrate is a substance that is produced in the human body when the body loses its ability to properly absorb glucose. Glucose is one of the basic fuels used in the body when producing energy. This energy production does not take place normally when there is a deficiency of glucose within the cells of the body. This deficiency occurs when the individual is suffering from diabetes. Diabetes affects the ability of the individual’s body to control the quantity of glucose in the blood because the absorption of glucose does not take place normally.

One of the main causes of elevated beta hydroxybutyrate in the blood is when the individual is suffering from starvation. The connection between starvation and diabetes is fairly clear. An individual suffering from either condition will be in a situation where the cells are not receiving enough nutrition with which they can work. Therefore, the symptoms of elevated beta hydroxybutyrate may occur in diabetes or in cases of starvation, acute diarrhea and acute vomiting.

If insulin production has diminished or failed, the body will not be able to properly absorb glucose into its cells. In such a situation, the body may mobilize its methods to burn fat for energy. This is one of the reasons why diabetics will experience a sudden loss of body weight when the condition sets in. Elevated beta hydroxybutyrate levels may also occur when an individual is on a diet that is short on carbohydrates. This is one of the causes of raised beta hydroxybutyrate that is not harmful for the body. The trouble with elevated beta hydroxybutyrate and beta hydroxybutyrate toxicity occurs when the individual has elevated blood sugar levels and elevated beta hydroxybutyrate.

In modern medicine, the measurement of beta hydroxybutyrate has been used as a way to monitor diabetes. It has also been used as a method to monitor the treatment of diabetes and the progression of the condition. Patients who have diabetes because of some other condition such as pregnancy may be monitored for this substance in their blood to check how serious the condition is. The test for beta hydroxybutyrate is a simple blood test. It is almost certain that a beta hydroxybutyrate test will be conducted in conjunction with a test for other substances associated with diabetes such as blood glucose levels and blood insulin levels. These measurements will be used to get a clear picture of the state of the person’s health and a low beta hydroxybutyrate or an abnormal beta hydroxybutyrate level should be reported to the doctor at the earliest.

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