Procedure For Conducting a Vulva Test

Submitted by Nic on October 17, 2012

The vulva is a part of female genitalia. It refers to the area around the vaginal opening. The vulva is made up of parts that include the labia, the clitoris and the glands that are responsible for producing mucus. The vulva therefore refers to most of the externally visible parts of the female genitalia.

Cancer is a condition where there is a growth of abnormal cells in the body. The abnormal cells that grow because of cancer are aggressive. This means that as they develop, these cells attack healthy cells in the area where they are present, causing damage. This damage leads to the death of healthy cells. Over time, cancer progresses and begins to spread across the body. The prognosis for a cancer sufferer worsens as time passes by. The chances of successful treatment diminish as the disease progresses.

A vulva test is a test conducted to check the health of the area around the vagina. The vulva test may be performed in order to determine if the woman is suffering from vulvar cancer. A vulva test may also be performed to check if there is any non cancerous abnormality with this area of the body. When it comes to cancer, a vulva test biopsy may be performed. Also read more on vagina exam.

A biopsy is a procedure where a sample of tissue is collected to be examined under a microscope and using chemical analysis. This tissue is examined to check for the presence of abnormal cells that are cancerous. The vulva test biopsy is the most accurate method of diagnosing vulvar cancer. In fact, for nearly all forms of cancer, the use of a biopsy is considered to be the best and most accurate diagnostic tool to check for cancer.

A vulva test is conducted in a gynecologist’s clinic or in a hospital. The vulva test is conducted in privacy to ensure that there is no fear of embarrassment. During the vulva test biopsy the subject will lie on the partially upright examination chair with her legs in stirrups. This will allow the doctor easy access to the area that is being examined. The duration of a vulva test is usually short and the doctor will make some visual and physical assessments of the condition of this area.

Many women are unaware of important aspects of their sexual health. It is always advisable to visit a doctor whenever any abnormality is suspected as this is the only way that a serious problem can be detected quickly. If any abnormalities are discovered after the vulva test treatment for the same would be recommended and administered by the doctor.

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