Testicular Cyst Treatment By Ultrasound

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

The testicles are a part of the male reproductive system. The production of sperm is handled by the testicles in the body. The hormone testosterone is also associated with the testicles. The storage of sperm is also done in the testicles. During sexual activity, the arousal of the penis leads to the release of sperm towards the penis. Sexual reproduction takes place through the normal functioning of the testicles when it comes to the production and release of sperm. Millions of sperm are produced and released by the testicles.

A testicular cyst may be produced by some abnormality in the testicles. This type of cyst may also be a result of the development of testicular cancer. A patient with a testicular cyst will most likely feel some pain during walking, jogging, running and sexual activity. For such an individual, arousal may be extremely painful. The individual may also notice the presence of some sort of mass when he performs a manual examination on the testicles. In such a situation, the use of a testicular cyst ultrasound is needed.

A testicular cyst ultrasound is an ultrasound procedure performed on the testicular sac. Ultrasound scanning involves the use of high frequency sounds. These sounds pass through the outer tissue of the body and reflect off structures within the body. This is how it is possible to scan the inner areas of the body without entering the body. An ultrasound scanner will be placed on the area being scanned. A conductive gel may also be applied to the area so that the images produced are clearer. A testicular cyst ultrasound takes a few minutes to be performed and may even be performed on an outpatient basis. If one is experiencing testicular pain an ultrasound would be recommended by the doctor. Besides this, diagnosis of testicular cancer is also done through an ultrasound of this area.

Testicular cyst treatment is performed after the mass has been discovered. In many cases, the patient’s testicle or testicles may be removed, especially if he is passed the age during which he wishes to reproduce. Initially, a biopsy may be performed on the mass to check if it is cancerous or not. Once its nature has been established, the doctor will prescribe the correct testicular cyst treatment. The success or failure of testicular cyst treatment depends entirely on the type of mass that has been found. Masses have been successfully removed in the past. Patients may also go through radiation and chemotherapy if they are suffering from cancer of the testicles. It is likely that an individual with a testicular cyst will suffer from improper functioning of the testicles which will affect his fertility.

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