AIDS Test Results

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

AIDS is actually a life threatening condition where the functioning of the entire immune system of the individual fails. AIDS is caused by the exposure of the individual to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. Presently, a cure for AIDS is still unknown. However, through continuous monitoring and management, the individual can lead a virtually normal life if he or she is suffering from the condition. Because of the seriousness of the problem, AIDS testing is of prime importance. The condition also carries a taboo associated with it which is why there is always an issue associated with AIDS test results disclosure.

The AIDS test results are actually results gained from checking the individual for HIV. The HIV test involves the use of a blood sample which is collected from a vein in the upper forearm. The blood sample is then tested for antibodies to HIV. When the test is positive, the individual is said to be suffering from HIV. The AIDS blood test results can be communicated anonymously to an individual. This is very important when it comes to the privacy of the individual and his or her personal life.

When it comes to the question how long does AIDS test results take, one can seek this information from the testing center where the test is being conducted. Normally, it takes less than a day for the sample to be collected, analyzed and reported on. Most AIDS test centers will report back to the individual on the same evening. There are even rapid tests available which report within seconds or minutes. However, these can be used to prove a negative result. They may not be accurate while proving a positive result. Thus, the protocol in large test centers is to use a rapid test to determine whether the individual needs to take the full AIDS blood test.

As far as the patient is concerned, the AIDS blood test takes less than 2 minutes to perform. The results are usually given via a password protected internet site or through a telephone call. Anonymous test patients can send in their samples through the mail and have the result reported back to them through the service provider’s website. This is a great way in which the individual can protect his or her privacy while seeking AIDS test results. One should speak with a counselor if there is a suspicion that one might have been exposed to HIV.

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