Male Face Lift

Submitted by Nic on November 20, 2012

Male face lift refers to a procedure that reduces sagging and wrinkles in the portion that is lower to the face and the neck. It helps in achieving a younger looking appearance. The procedure of a male face lift is a little different from that for females. The reason for the difference in the two procedures is that men have a thicker skin, which is endures more exposure to sun and thus the damage is more than that in case of women. Also, men are at a greater risk of forming a hematoma (a pocket of blood) during the surgery.

Before and After

Male face lifts before and after photographs are the best proofs of the results of a male face lift. These reveal both the benefits and sometimes side effects of this procedure. Thus, before opting for a male face lift, it is imperative to obtain a better understanding of the male face lift techniques and speak with your doctor to find out if this is suitable for you.

Stages in a Male Face Lift Procedure

A male face lift procedure consists of four stages:
  • Preparation: In this stage, the surgeon makes marks with a pen to indicate the places where the surgeon will make incisions. An intravenous line is set to allow for the administration of medications and fluids.
  • Anesthesia: While performing most of the surgeries, local anesthesia is used. This numbs the face and the sedative helps in keeping the patient relaxed. Before going for the surgery, one must discuss this aspect with the surgeon.
  • Surgery: During the male face lift surgery, excess fat and skin is removed and the muscles are tightened in order to give the person a younger look. The next step is re-draping of skin over the face. To keep the tissue in its place, a dressing is applied which also protects incision and reduces the swelling.
  • Recovery: This is the stage of regaining consciousness. The medical staff will monitor the patient for about two hours after the surgery.


Male face lift problems or complications are rare, but still one should not enter into a surgery without proper knowledge of the procedure. Bleeding is the most common complications, and one might bleed extensively after the surgery. The loss of sensitivity is another complication; however, it is usually temporary. A lot of scars can appear on the face and hair loss along the incision lines is also a male face lift problem.


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