Breast Implants And Breastfeeding

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 16, 2012

Breast implants have become a lot more common nowadays and very often young women who have not yet thought out pregnancy get breast augmentation done. There is therefore a lot of worry later on about breast implants and breastfeeding. Very often women worry about any possible risk for the future, especially with regards to breastfeeding. You should be relieved to learn however that it is most probable that you should still be able to breastfeed. You would however be advised to consult with a lactation consultant.

Breastfeeding is dependent on the nerves in your breast as they influence milk production when stimulated. If the breast augmentation surgery has caused damaged to these nerves and there is a loss of this sensitivity then there could be problems with milk production and consequentially with breastfeeding. If sensitivity in the region is normal then it would be highly unlikely that there could be any problems. It is however necessary to understand that the nerves that govern physical sensations and those that stimulate lactation are not the same.

The manner in which the breast augmentation surgery was performed when placing the implants does play a large part in the status of these nerves. In most cases that involve augmentation through incisions made in the armpit or in the fold beneath the breast there is a reduced likelihood of nerve damage. Along the same lines, an incision made in the areola is likely to cause greater nerve damage. It is not however a guaranteed obstacle to breastfeeding as we all display some biological differences. The only way you will be sure is once you actually try breast feeding. A lactation consultant would of course further you along this direction providing you valuable information and guidance.

Another common concern about breast implants and breastfeeding among many mothers to be is that of leakage into milk and possible toxicity. Neither saline solutions nor silicon from the implants can leak into and contaminate the milk, but it should be pointed out that even if there were some leakage it would not harm the baby. Another consideration would be breast size prior to augmentation. If the augmentation was done to increase under developed breasts rather than to simply increase breast size then there may be difficulties, but these do not stem from the implants but from the breasts themselves. Lactation can however be stimulated in this scenario too, but it would again be advisable to consult a lactation consultant.

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