Breast Implants before Pregnancy

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 17, 2012

Breast implants are used by women across the globe to augment their bust size. It is a commonly held belief that a larger bust is more attractive than a smaller one. While many may argue otherwise, the reality is that most men prefer women with larger bust sizes. The breasts are essentially designed for the purpose of providing nutrition to the new born baby.

Breast implants before pregnancy should not affect the process of pregnancy or the primary milk production process in the breasts. Breast implants are placed behind the glands of the breast or, in some cases, behind the muscles that are located behind the breast. This means that the breast implants actually raise the breasts from the foundation level leaving all the glands and breast tissue connected to each other as it would be connected before the surgery.

Breast implants are made of non reactive materials so that they can be placed within the body and not cause any reaction. The idea behind breast enhancement surgery is purely based on visual appeal and this aim is achieved easily and quickly with this form of plastic surgery. In most cases, the implants are accepted by the body and they do not cause any serious health issues. In some cases they might trigger an immune reaction; this is particularly true among women who have a hyperactive immune system.

When one is choosing to go for breast implants before pregnancy, the major consideration to be made is the level of comfort that is experienced by the woman. When the surgery takes place, there may be an initial discomfort or even soreness in the breasts as the tissue gets used to its new shape. The surgical scar usually takes up to six months to heal. Vigorous activity is also not recommended immediately after breast augmentation surgery. The complication associated with pregnancy is related to the pain that may be felt by women. Most women, particularly first time mothers, tend to have soreness in their breasts. This happens because the glands of the breast begin to produce milk for the first time and the breasts feel enlarged and heavy. The breasts may also be extremely sensitive at this point. Adding breast implants before pregnancy thus adds to the risk of a woman being uncomfortable and suffering from breast pains. Therefore, one can conclude that a breast implant surgery before pregnancy should be done many months before pregnancy can take place.

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