Cardio CRP Blood Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Cardio CRP Blood Test

People may wonder what a CRP blood test is, as it is not a specific test which helps detect a disease or disorder specifically with regards to its intensity and location. However this test is important because it helps to know any infection or inflammation indicating the need for further diagnosis and treatment. CRP or C - reactive protein is a type of protein produced by the liver and is said to increase in case of inflammation which may be the result of an infection after performing a surgery. Inflammation, often associated with a swelling, is nothing but a way through which the body responds to an injury or infection. Too much inflammation could have life threatening effects on blood vessels which in turn would hamper the flow of oxygen and the various nutrients in the body. A high level of CRP may also be found in pregnant women or women who consume  too much of birth control or contraceptive pills.


CRP blood test is primarily done to find out the CRP level that is present in the blood serum. The need arises if you are suffering from a tissue injury, infection, severe inflammation, arthritis or lupus. This test may also be done to keep a constant check on the healing of wounds especially of patients who have surgical cuts or organs transplanted. An hs CRP blood test also known as high sensitivity test may be  conducted as one of the numerous tests in case of a person who has a major risk for cardiovascular diseases and to check for extremely low amounts of CRP in the blood.


Normally, there are no special preparations to be done before the test. However keep the doctor informed on all the medication that you are subjected to.


Since it is a blood test, blood is injected out of the vein with the help of a syringe or sometimes a lancet is used to puncture the skin on your fingertip making it bleed which is then sent further on for testing. High CRP blood test results indicate there is a major inflammation which may be due to inflammatory bowel disease, cancer or tuberculosis. CRP blood test normal range is anything below 1 mg per liter of blood, however, an ideal result would be a CRP level of zero. A low level of CRP does not necessarily mean there is no infection as it may be an indication that you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.