Cadmium Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

A Cadmium test would typically be a home test kit. This effectively is a test for cadmium which you can order, and subsequently conduct at home. The results of such cadmium testing should be available in minutes. The test could go by alternative names like heavy metal test for cadmium. You will find that such heavy metal tests are also available online. However, do check the details of the cadmium test kit and the veracity of the supplier before purchasing such kits.

Reasons for Cadmium Test

Testing for cadmium is done because this substance comes under the heavy metal category, and is subsequently quite dangerous. This category has metallic elements which possess a density that is usually quite high. Another distinguishing feature would be how poisonous these elements can be despite low concentrations. At the same time, some such elements like copper and even zinc are actually essential for everyday functioning and good health, in small amounts. In fact, deficiency of metals like zinc can cause various problems and imbalances. One might also find it necessary to take such elements in supplemental form so as to avoid health complications. However, cadmium in one’s body can create a number of problems. For instances, this metal could be associated with different cancers, higher blood pressure as well as renal dysfunction. If you happen to somehow ingest cadmium, you will find that, just as in the case of other heavy metals, this can be extremely troublesome to get rid of. Again, this metal could cause a lot of damage considering the small quantities. In fact, it could be tens of years before cadmium finally leaves your body.


For cadmium testing, preparation would mean following the instructions since the test could be for different samples. For instance, certain medication such as birth control pills could be proscribed because these interfere with the cadmium test results. One will also have to look at urine sample preparation instructions, if that test is involved. Other testing possibilities include cadmium test for water or even a dish test.


The cadmium test kit typically always comes with an instruction leaflet. Simply follow the instructions, including those on the storage of the kit containing the cadmium test. For instance, you might need distilled water when testing a particular glass or dish. Typically the color strip included will give you an idea about the results.