Reasons, Preparation & Procedure For Conducting a Cadmium Blood Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

What Is a Cadmium Blood Test?

A cadmium blood test refers to a test which is typically done, when there is a need to keep a check on exposure to the metal element known as cadmium, or to check for the possibility of cadmium poisoning. This is because cadmium is not only extremely toxic but is can also mean that overexposure caused a range of health problems. On the other hand cadmium tests are not so common. It is usually only those individuals with significant cadmium exposure, such as those involved in the manufacture of various nickel cadmium batteries, who really need to be concerned.

Reasons Why It is Conducted

The reason such a test is performed is because cadmium exposure can be detrimental and, if it is suspected, it is necessary to check for cadmium levels in the individual. To give you an idea, a range of cancers could be linked to overexposure to cadmium. Cadmium poisoning could also cause diseases such as lung disease. There are also different ways in which this heavy metal can get into our blood stream such as drinking cadmium tainted water. There could be other means by which cadmium poisoning could occur such as through breathing in the fumes or via cigarettes. Another thing to remember about testing for cadmium is that tests are available for all kinds of objects. For instance, if you have concerns about cadmium levels in the water supply, there are kits available to test cadmium levels even in water.


You should go over the lab's dos and don'ts for the blood test for cadmium. Make sure that each item, such as what is meant by limited fluid intake, is understood carefully prior to your cadmium blood test.


A blood test for cadmium would be performed at a clinic, and the results of the cadmium levels would then require investigation by a doctor. Usually a doctor is consulted after the cadmium blood test when the results of the initial test show a big deviation from expected normal results. However, bear in mind that cadmium test results could be clouded by a number of factors including something as innocuous as Vitamin C. Women should remember that cadmium results could be affected by various birth control pills. Thus, it is important to clarify all the dos and don'ts prior to the cadmium blood test. If not, there could be significant problems with the cadmium blood test findings.