Liposuction Surgery

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Liposuction has always been a fascination ever since it was introduced. For most people, liposuction is seen as an effortless way to get a better body and to reach the goal of weight loss. At the same time, liposuction surgery is also viewed as a dangerous and painful procedure, which not many people would endure. If you are truly considering a liposuction procedure, it would be important to obtain al the possible liposuction information to make a truly informed decision.

Liposuction Reasons

The simple and most desired goal of a better body is the reason why so many people decide to go in for liposuction. Usually a plastic surgeon would be required to perform the procedure such that body fat is removed from the desired areas, by means of suction. There are liposuction techniques but the effect of body contouring remains the same. One has to remember that there are plenty of other surgical and cosmetic procedures aside from liposuction which also help with body sculpting. Furthermore, even though natural methods are longer, in most cases natural body sculpting through the tried and tested means of diet in combination with focused exercise would be the best way to change your appearance.


Preparation could differ depending on the liposuction procedure technique and the doctor will be able to discuss the preparation needs, such as a urine and blood sample. One should never forget that any surgery or procedure, including liposuction does have its inherent risks. Cases of deaths caused on account of liposuction surgery, whether due to the procedure or on account of negligence have been known to occur. It is important that your liposuction doctor discusses the risks of the procedure as well as the occurrence and likelihood of side effects. It would be important to know what to expect and be clear about the desired results of the liposuction procedure.


In general the liposuction procedure involves anesthesia, and incision which is followed by suction using the equipment for the liposuction surgery. The removal of excess body fat is usually achieved by means of a vacuum and this is followed by draining fluids and bloods with the help of drainage tubes. Post liposuction, swelling is commonly observed and a recovery period is usually necessary. The doctor would also be involved in the treatment post the liposuction procedure to help in matters of pain management, use of a girdle for the swelling and the like