Liposuction of Inner Thigh - Risks And Procedure

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The inner thigh is a common area of concern for most people especially women, who are predisposed to storing fat in that area, given their biological structure. The objective of inner thigh liposuction is to absorb the fat in the inner thigh area to achieve a more toned outer appearance. It is believed to be one of the most difficult areas to tone and shape and hence most people believe it makes sense to undergo liposuction of the inner thighs to get rid of the fat. However it is important to determine if one is fit to undergo an inner thigh liposuction and also be aware of the pros and cons of the procedure. Inner thigh liposuction involves the removal of cellulite, which are fat deposits that form in the connective tissues of the skin and cause the skin to appear rippled.

Cellulite cannot be easily removed through exercise and diet, and although the muscles might tone up a bit with exercise it is not possible to entirely get rid of cellulite. Although liposuction on inner thighs might seem to be a tempting solution, it is strongly recommended to speak with your doctor before considering any cosmetic surgical makeover. To understand more about the procedure, liposuction is defined as a surgical procedure that involves getting rid of excessive fat from a particular area through the use of a suction that absorbs out the fat.

Inner Thigh Liposuction Risks

There are a few risk factors linked to inner thigh liposuction and it involves an intense invasive procedure that needs to be treated with much care and caution by a well experienced cosmetic surgeon. One of the most important risk factors associated with inner thigh liposuction is the administration of general anesthesia prior to surgery. There is also the risk of blood loss during the surgery as well as post operative scarring and tissue damage. After undergoing an inner thigh liposuction, before and after appearance of the person is certainly markedly different. It is also always better to know more about the kinds of risks involved, with sound judgment and complete knowledge of the invasive surgery.


Your cosmetic surgeon will perform the inner thigh liposuction by making tiny incisions to insert a thin plastic tube known as a cannula to suction out the fat deposits. The experience of the cosmetic surgeon is extremely critical in performing the inner thigh liposuction as irregularities can take place if the cannula is inserted carelessly, thus leading to tissue damage.

Although inner thigh liposuction is an easy way to get rid of excessive fat, it is not exactly the ideal solution to live a healthier life. Moreover diet and exercise must play an important role post surgery in order to maintain toned inner thigh muscles; else it is possible that fat deposits may settle back once again.