Information On Ecstasy Drug Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

What is Ecstasy (MDMA)?

Ecstasy is a controlled substance and is the common name for the drug MDMA. It tends to give the user a feeling of happiness and affection for those around, which is where it gets its name from. Ecstasy is also responsible for reducing inhibitions, increasing sex drive, improve self confidence and experience a general feeling of well being. MDMA has also been under testing for its clinical and therapeutic capabilities although the risk of nervous system damage has somewhat dampened the calls for it to be used medically. Ecstasy is a popular party drug. Ecstasy is popularly used in parties known as ‘rave’ parties which are usually accompanied by large crowds and electronic music. Law enforcement agencies usually target such events to apprehend users of drugs like ecstasy. Ecstasy overdose can lead to anxiety, hyperactivity and hallucinations and can cause death due to heart attack or stroke. Brain damage is also reported in some excessive users.

Procedure To Conduct a Ecstasy Drug Test

Ecstasy testing involves using regular drug testing methods. An ecstasy test can be conducted by using a saliva swab or a blood sample. An ecstasy urine test can also be conducted by making the suspected user urinate within a few hours of the suspected consumption. In both blood and saliva, ecstasy can be tested for up to 24 hours after the consumption has taken place. You can even test urine for a period of up to 24 hours after consumption. However, for proper accuracy it is recommended to test as soon as possible, within a few hours of the suspected consumption. This will promote accuracy and one can even judge the suspected person based on their psychological state.

Ecstasy Hair Test

For parents who suspect their child is using ecstasy, the hair is a useful thing to test. Hair may contain residue of MDMA for up to 90 days after consumption because of the duration that a strand of hair lasts on the head before it falls off. You may require one whole hair for an ecstasy hair test to be conducted. Ecstasy blood test could also be used to detect the drug. However, this requires a sterile environment that may not be available at home or on the streets where testing may occur. Such testing is also done in autopsy cases to check for multiple drugs that might be used together. Ecstasy testing results have shown that pills that may pass of as normal medications have ecstasy in them. This poses a significant challenge to law enforcement agencies when trying to prevent the use of this drug.