How much does a glaucoma test cost

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

Glaucoma is a progressive condition associated with the eye. Over time, glaucoma leads to a complete loss of vision. A healthy eye receives light through the opening in the pupil. This light is then refracted through the lens of the eye. The refracted light is projected onto the rear inner side of the eye. Here, special cells pick up the information and transmit it to the brain. Transmission of these signals occurs through the optic nerve. The optic nerves connect each eye to the brain and are responsible for sending electrical impulses to the brain. These impulses are then processed. This is the way in which vision is made possible. Most people with vision problems suffer from improper refraction of their lenses.

Glaucoma is a condition where a fluid builds up in the eye. This fluid gradually increases the pressure within the eye. This pressure damages the optic nerve slowly. A patient with glaucoma will first experience loss of vision on the outer field of vision. This is also known as the peripheral field of vision. Gradually, this loss of vision will move closer and closer to the normal field of vision. Glaucoma is an irreversible condition. Glaucoma can be stopped if it is diagnosed and treated.

A glaucoma test may be used to measure the pressure within the eye. Another type of glaucoma testing involves the analysis of the structures within the eye. Both these tests are usually conducted one after another. The process of glaucoma testing is relatively easy and can be done by an experienced eye doctor. Once the test is complete, the doctor will prescribe various eye drops and medications to contain the problem. Surgery may also be needed to relieve the pressure within the eye.

The glaucoma test cost depends entirely on where one is having the test conducted. The glaucoma test cost also depends on the number of different procedures that are performed to analyze the problem. It is therefore best to consult with one’s doctor to figure out the glaucoma test cost. Patients should also be aware of whether the glaucoma test cost is covered under their insurance plan or not. It may be wise to secure one’s insurance before one goes in for a glaucoma test in order to cover the glaucoma test price. However, this delay should not last longer than a few days or weeks because, after all, this condition is progressive. It should also be noted that glaucoma treatment price or the glaucoma surgery price would increase with the medication after care steps that you would need to take for caring for the eyes. The test is better conducted at the earliest as once vision is lost, there is no procedure which can help repair the nerve.

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