Exercises, Physical Therapy & Recovery After Bunion Surgery

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

Bunion surgery is a procedure conducted in order to repair the joint of the big toe on the foot. When an individual suffers from a bunion problem, the bone behind the big toe begins to grow. This bone may protrude on the inner side of the foot. This protrusion is a classic sign of a bunion problem. An individual who suffers from this problem will also notice that the toe begins to bend outwards and points in the direction of the other toes of the foot. Generally speaking, the more the angle of this bend, the greater the extent of the problem. The pain factor associated with bunions also tends to follow this general rule. The pain felt by the individual is usually worse when the toe is bent further away from its regular angle.

Bunion surgery can help sort this problem out to a great extent. However, it should be noted that this surgery is not necessarily guaranteed to solve the problem. Many patients suffer from recurring bunion problems after having gone through a bunion surgery. Care taken after bunion surgery may determine the success or failure of the procedure. The doctor may point to some types of footwear or to some actions of the individual that may have caused the problem in the first place. It is vitally necessary that an individual avoid these actions after bunion surgery. There are also some after bunion surgery exercises that can be performed to ensure that the joint is moving properly. This will help to avoid the complications associated with a stiff joint. After bunion surgery exercises also ensure that the joint is given the best chance of recovering its former shape and mobility.

Many patients are prescribed physical therapy after bunion surgery. Physical therapy after bunion surgery is essential when it comes to ensuring that the person is able to walk properly again without hindrance. Often, the after bunion surgery pain is too much for some people to bear. However, with physical therapy after bunion surgery, there is a chance that the individual will get over this pain and be able to walk normally again. The possibility of an individual running after bunion surgery without any pain would depend on the condition of the person and the doctor's recommendation would be required. Some patients may make a full recovery after a bunion surgery while others will struggle with this issue throughout their lives. By following the proper after bunion surgery exercises, the patient has the best chance of recovering normal pain-free mobility.

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