Recovery Time & Cost of Foot Bunion Surgery

Submitted by Nic on November 9, 2012

A bunion is described as an abnormal growth of the bone and tissue behind the big toe of the foot. Any person who feels past the outer side of the large toe will notice that there is a bony protrusion behind the toe along the front inner side of the foot. An individual suffering from a bunion problem will experience problems with this toe and with the bone behind the toe. The bone in question tends to develop a growth which may spur outwards. An individual suffering from a bunion problem will also note that the toe begins to point outwards towards the toe next to it. This change in angle of the toe will eventually lead to the development of pain in the area. This pain is mostly associated with the difficulty faced by an individual when moving the joint.

Foot bunion surgery is an invasive option to try and solve the problem of bunions. Most doctors will try and prescribe the use of a stent before they suggest foot bunion surgery. Foot bunion surgery comes into the picture when the condition is advanced and the pain is acute.

During foot bunion surgery, the bone will actually be cut or ground so that its spur is removed. The removal of the spur during a foot bunion surgery will allow the joint to return to its former shape. This does not always happen; a lot of individuals will remain with partially healed bunions. Foot bunion surgery is still one of the better techniques of repairing the deformity caused by the bunion problem.

The foot bunion surgery recovery time is usually a few weeks. During this time, the foot will be treated as though it has suffered from a fracture. The foot will initially be in a cast, followed by a period where the wound is bandaged.

When it comes to foot bunion surgery cost, the patient should consult with his or her doctor. Different clinics and hospital have different charges depending on their location and their target clientele. The severity of the problem will also affect the foot bunion surgery cost. It is therefore best to consult with a doctor to ensure that all the treatment options are explored before one goes in for surgery. It is always a rule of thumb that one should explore non surgical methods for such problems before opting for surgery. The invasive nature of surgery raises a few risks that, if avoidable, should be avoided.

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