How much does bunion surgery cost?

July 12, 2011

A bunion is a deformity that occurs on the foot. This deformity occurs on the bone that is right behind the big toe of each foot. A bunion problem may occur on either or both feet and does not need to be simultaneous. When this deformity occurs, there will be a noticeable protrusion on the inner side of the foot behind the big toe. This protrusion may lead to an eventual change in the alignment of the big toe such that it points outwards in the direction of the other toes on the foot. This change in alignment will eventually cause pain to the individual because it will damage the joint. This pain may affect an individual’s ability to walk and it may cause problems with certain items of footwear as well.

Many doctors prescribe the use of splint to be worn while sleeping. This helps to realign the toe and may help to reduce the pain felt by the individual. However, when the bunion problem has progressed, this treatment may not work. In such a situation, one option is that of bunion surgery. Bunion surgery involves a procedure where the bone is actually cut and the joint is allowed to get back to its original alignment. While this is an invasive procedure, it is often required because there is no other option available to the individual.

After a bunion surgery, the patient will not be able to use the foot for a couple of weeks at least. The foot will be treated in the same way as it would in the case of a fracture on one of the bones. During the recovery period, the doctor will first apply a cast which will be removed in the subsequent weeks to be replaced by a soft bandage.

The bunion surgery cost depends entirely on the location where one is having the surgery done. More affluent locations, particularly within cities tend to provide more expensive health care. A patient can discuss what the bunion surgery would cost with his or her doctor to understand the financial implications. The foot bunion surgery cost can also be discussed with insurance agents to check if this procedure is covered by health insurance or not. As far as surgical procedures go, the bunion surgery cost is relatively low in comparison. One should also be aware of the fact that an anesthesiologist will be needed before the procedure and this may drive up the bunion surgery cost.

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