How to pass a mouth swab drug test?

May 10, 2010

Drug tests are conducted to check whether an individual has been using substances that are classified as illegal. For sportspersons, the drug tests are usually limited to urine samples or blood samples. However, for a random test of the population by law enforcement authorities, saliva may be used as the sample for testing. Some employers also conduct random drug testing, particularly if they suspect one or more members of their staff to be using substances that are illegal, damaging to their health and damaging to their work performance. Drug use can carry a jail term depending on the type of drug used and of course on the legislation in the area that the person lives in.

Drugs tend to be detectable for some time after usage. Even after the effects of the drug have worn off, the drug may be present in the person’s blood stream, their urine or their saliva. A saliva test uses a cotton swab which is inserted into the mouth of the individual and allowed to soak in some saliva. This saliva is then sent to a laboratory where the chemical makeup of the contents are mapped against the samples generated from known drugs. Any sample that shows a similar chemical makeup to a drug is considered to be containing traces of that drug in it. In many places, this is enough reason to fire someone from their job or to warrant further testing and possibly even arrest an individual. Some drugs, particularly the harder drugs like cocaine and heroin are completely banned substances and law enforcement authorities do not look kindly on the users of such drugs.

Passing a drug test is a matter of chance if you are actually using any drug. The best way to avoid drug detection is to not use any drugs at all. However, there are methods that might help reduce the chances of testing positive for any of these substances. When you are aware of an upcoming drugs test, you should avoid using any drugs prior to it. The day before the test you should drink plenty of water and allow yourself to urinate regularly. This will help to pass most of the drug traces out of your body. You may also brush your teeth and use a mouthwash to ensure that any residue, particularly from drugs that are smoked, is washed away. Foods that contain poppy seeds may generate a false positive for opium and should be avoided.

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