How to pass a cotton swab drug test?

May 10, 2010

A cotton swab drug test is a test conducted using the sample of a person's saliva which is collected using a cotton swab inserted into the mouth of an individual. This swab is used to collect saliva which may contain traces of drugs that have been consumed by the individual.

Drugs tend to remain traceable in the system for a period of time after consumption has occurred and the effects of the drug have worn off. The period that a drug remains traceable is variable based on the type of drug as well as on the regularity of use. People who are using drugs that are addictive are likely to have consumed these drugs before a test which makes them likely to produce a positive drugs test result. Random drug testing may be conducted at a workplace as a way for the employers to ensure that none of their staff are consuming illegal drugs. Random testing could also be conducted by law enforcement agencies to determine if a person suspected of drug use has actually used a banned substance or not.

It is quite difficult to pass a drugs test if you have consumed drugs in the period leading up to the test. This is because traces of the substance may be present in your system, sometimes for weeks after the consumption has taken place. Some drugs are also consumed through smoking, which may lead to the presence of drug residue in the mouth. The ideal way to avoid detection in a drug test is to avoid using drugs in the first place. However, it is possible to have consumed some drugs simply out of experimentation or by being careless. In such a situation, you could try to avoid detection by following some of these steps. You should consume lots of water after the drug consumption, especially after the effects have worn off. This will make you urinate more than normal. Urination passes some toxins out of the system and regular water consumption may help in removing some traces of the drug from the system. You should also brush your teeth twice a day at least and use an anti-bacterial mouthwash regularly through the day. These methods might reduce the quantity of the drug in your system to a point where it may not be detectable. Abstinence is the best method of avoiding such complications. Consuming drugs is illegal and can be harmful to one's health.

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