Urine Pregnancy Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

A woman experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as missed periods, or vomiting can check whether she is pregnant or not by undergoing either a urine test for pregnancy, or a blood test. A pregnancy urine test can usually be done in the comfort of one’s home by using any one of the home pregnancy kits available in the market. After getting a positive result, a confirmation can be sought by visiting the doctor’s clinic to undergo a blood test to detect pregnancy.

Reasons for Urine Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy urine tests are the most popular method of determining whether one is pregnant or not. Pregnancy tests function by detecting a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. This hormone is found only in pregnant women and is formed by cells in the uterus. This hormone causes the ovaries to manufacture estrogen and progesterone that helps the child grow inside the womb. As the child continues to develop inside the womb, hCG levels steadily increase.


Many home pregnancy kits have varying procedures, therefore, be sure to read the instructions given on the pack to conduct the test properly. These tests are quite simple to perform; some of methods of doing a urine test for pregnancy are as follows: First check the instructions and expiration date on the test. Remove the testing strip from the package. Then either collect a urine sample in a small cup and dip the testing strip in it or place the strip in your urine stream. Results will normally appear within two minutes. This will be displayed by a change in color or by the appearance of a symbol such as a plus sign or a minus sign.


No preparation is required. However, most doctors will recommend that a woman waits until the first day of the missed period before taking a urine test for pregnancy. This would be approximately two weeks after conception has occurred. You could purchase a fresh home pregnancy kit for accurate results. Usually, pregnancy urine tests done at home are about 97 percent accurate. For best results, wait for a week after your period was due before performing the test. This ensures a greater amount of hCG to form and be detected in your urine. Try to take the test early in the morning before eating or drinking anything to benefit from the hCG build up in the urine.