Genetic Tests Between Cousins

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on October 17, 2012

DNA is an acid that is known as Deoxyribonucleic Acid. This acid contains the genetic code of every individual and is of primary importance for the development of each cell across the entire human body. DNA information is often referred to as the manual or guide for the development of the human body. DNA genetic information helps to establish the relationship between two people. When fertilization occurs, the DNA of the unborn child gets determined. This DNA is a result of the interaction of the DNA from each parent. A child will therefore have an equal amount of DNA from each parent. Each child also has a unique DNA which may be useful to identify a particular child for whatever social or legal reason.

A DNA test is also useful to establish whether a person is likely to be susceptible to a particular disease or disorder. In many such disorders, the warning signs are present in the form of abnormal DNA. Many of these conditions are also controllable or manageable, especially if information is received at an early stage, before the condition has established itself.

There is also the scope of DNA testing between siblings. This is done to establish whether two people are likely to be siblings or not. DNA testing between siblings is not as accurate as DNA paternity or DNA maternity testing. The reason for this is that each time a couple is going to have a child, the resulting DNA is slightly different as it uses different parts of each parents DNA. The dominant genes of the parents are likely to be present in all their offspring whereas the recessive genes may be present or absent. This is why some siblings appear alike whereas others do not.

DNA testing between siblings is used to give a rating of the chance that two particular individuals are related to each other. The higher the rating, the greater the probability is that these two individuals are indeed related. This testing is usually conducted when DNA evidence from the parents is unavailable. In many cases, siblings may be separated from each other and may use such a test to establish whether they are indeed related to each other. This form of DNA testing is useful when establishing the legal claims of any individual. However, because of the lack of complete accuracy, this type of DNA testing may not be admissible in some legal systems.

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