Information On Low Body Temperature and Hypothyroidism

Submitted by Nick on October 16, 2012

The temperature of the human body is controlled throughout the day and usually hovers around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature refers to the resting temperature of the individual. The temperature in the early morning will be lower than this level. The individual may also have a higher temperature during the day. However, all these variations are minor, up to 1 degree from the level mentioned above. The temperature regulation mechanism of the body is designed to ensure that the organs are able to function efficiently. Efficient functioning of the organs is ensured at the normal body temperature.

The body maintains its temperature using two basic methods. One method involves heat production and one involves heat dissipation. Heat production occurs as a byproduct of the process of metabolism. Metabolism is the process where food is converted into energy using oxygen and catalysts present in the body. This is one of the absolute basic functions of the human body. Energy is required for all functions regardless of whether they are basic, involuntary, voluntary or strenuous. During the chemical reaction associated with metabolism heat is also produced. The produced heat is then transported around the body in the blood. Blood plays a vital role in heat transfer. When the body is cold, blood circulation slows down so that heat can be maintained at the core of the body. Heat dissipation occurs in exactly the opposite way. Blood vessels dilate to allow warm blood to spread closer to the skin surface. From this surface, heat dissipates into the atmosphere. This process is further accelerated by sweat which evaporates, causing cooling. There is a strong relationship between low body temperature and hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland, located in the throat, controls the process of metabolism. When the gland is functioning slowly, it slows down metabolism. This is why low body temperature and hypothyroidism are conditions that occur together. A person suffering from low body temperature and hypothyroidism will feel cold all the time. This person may also put on weight and may be lacking in energy. This is because the energy production process does not take place efficiently, leaving unburned food in the body. See also low body temperature and thyroid

Low body temperature refers to any temperature that averages below 98 degrees through the day. Again, these are resting temperatures. An individual suffering from low body temperature and hypothyroidism is usually treated with synthetic thyroid hormones that should solve the problem. This treatment is based on the prescription of a doctor only.

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