Effects and Risks of Overdose of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

Gamma hydroxybutyrate is a substance that has been made illegal in many countries around the world. In some forms, gamma hydroxybutyrate may be used to treat certain conditions such as narcolepsy. However, gamma hydroxybutyrate remains a controlled substance and its use is considered to be illegal. Gamma hydroxybutyrate has also attracted a lot of controversy because of its possible use as a date-rape drug. Also read more on beta hydroxybutyrate.

A date rape drug is one that can induce drowsiness and may help to reduce inhibition to the point where the individual has no control over his or her actions. Gamma hydroxybutyrate tastes salty but has no discernible signs apart from the taste. This is why the drug is used in drinks which have a strong flavor. Individuals consuming the drink will have to be extremely sharp to detect that the drink has been tampered with. Following the consumption of gamma hydroxybutyrate, women in particular may be vulnerable to sexual assault from men who, taking advantage of their temporary loss of control may violate them.

In order to understand how gamma hydroxybutyrate works, one needs to know what the gamma hydroxybutyrate effects are. Some of the gamma hydroxybutyrate effects include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lack of coordination, impaired judgment and hallucinations. There are some risks that could occur due to a gamma hydroxybutyrate overdose. High gamma hydroxybutyrate toxicity could result in seizures, comas or even death.

Originally, gamma hydroxybutyrate was considered for use medically as an anesthetic. The reason for this is that the drug is known to cause minimal effects to the heart and lungs while putting the patient into a deep induced coma. However, the various gamma hydroxybutyrate effects mentioned above added a significant risk to its use in the medical industry. It would not always be possible to monitor the dosage of such a drug were it used in the application of anesthesia. This has led to the drug being dropped from research that surrounds anesthesia.

In the decades gone by, gamma hydroxybutyrate has also been advertised as a fat burner which had promoted its use amongst people wishing to burn fat such as athletes and body builders. This led to the addition of gamma hydroxybutyrate to several food supplements that were targeted at such users.

Gamma hydroxybutyrate is also naturally occurring and may be found in small quantities in foods such as beef, wine and some types of fruits. The concentration of this substance is very low which is why it is not dangerous to consume these foods.

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