Testicular Ultrasound Procedure

Submitted by Nic on October 19, 2012

Testicular ultrasound procedure is used to examine the testicles and parts which are located inside the scrotum are a part of the male’s reproductive organ. They produce sperms and the hormone testosterone. The testicular ultrasound technique is used to diagnose the problem if a male is suffering from pain or enlargement so accordingly a treatment or remedy could be taken by a doctor. Following the testicular ultra sound procedure is the only means to detect if a person is suffering from testicular cancer. Unlike X rays which emit radiations ultrasounds emits sound waves which are run over the area to be tested and thus producing an image called sonogram. These images are viewed on a video monitor. Apart from cancer some other problems that can be diagnosed by the ultrasound are hernia, twisting of the spermatic cord that could possibly block the supply of blood to the testicles, any kind of inflammation or infection caused.

The testicular ultrasound procedure is relatively simple and easy. Wear loose and comfortable clothing when going for the test. Another testicular ultrasound instruction is to check with your physician for any kind of complications or about your food. Do not wear any kind of jewelry; you must also know that the doctor may ask you to remove your clothes in order to conduct the test. Also women nurse or doctor could do the test, so if you are not comfortable with this please let your doctor know. During the testicular ultrasound protocol you would be made to like down on a bed or sit and there would be a water based gel applied to your scrotum area. A small ultrasound wand is moved over the region by the radiologist and the doctor will be able to view the images on the monitor. The water based gel is mainly used so that the wand can move freely without causing any kind of pain. You may also be requested to hold your breath for a few seconds. The entire testicular ultrasound application does not take more than half an hour. Once the test is completed the water based gel is wiped off from the scrotum area and the test is analyzed by the doctor. There is no risk in doing this test and also you could resume normal routine once the test is done depending on your doctor’s advice though. Patients that have been cured of testicular cancer before are always recommended to do a testicular ultrasound regularly.

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