Information on Testicular Torsion Ultrasound

Submitted by Nic on October 16, 2012

An ultrasound image is an image used to identify problems from within a particular part of the body. This type of imaging technique uses high frequency sounds which pass through the outer tissues of the body. The sounds then bounce off structures within the body back to the device that is broadcasting the sound. This device is known as a transducer. The sounds are of a frequency that cannot be heard by humans. The images produced by an ultrasound can be used to determine if there is some structural abnormality in a particular part of the human body. This abnormality could be in terms of the shape, size and location of the organs in the body. Abnormal structures growing on top of otherwise healthy organs may also be detected in this way.

Testicular torsion is a condition where the cord that passes sperm out of the testicle gets twisted. This happens because of some physical injury or because of abnormal pressure being applied to the scrotal sack. A testicular torsion ultrasound is a test used to determine the location and extent of the torsion that has taken place. During a testicular torsion ultrasound, the doctor conducting the test will need to apply a conductive gel on the surface of the skin to enhance the clarity of the image produced. The doctor will also move the transducer around to collect images from different angles. This will boost the accuracy of any diagnosis that is made. The testicular torsion ultrasound may be uncomfortable if there is pressure exerted during the procedure by the doctor. The doctor may need to use pressure to get a clearer image of the area being scanned.

A testicular trauma ultrasound is a common test conducted on individuals who have received some form of injury to their groin area. The testicular trauma ultrasound is performed to check for any internal damage that could affect the functioning of the organ. A testicular torsion ultrasound procedure may be conducted to check if the patient needs surgery to correct the problem. A testicular cancer ultrasound may also be conducted to check if the person may be affected with testicular cancer.

There is no preparation required from the patient for a testicular torsion ultrasound. The pubic hair around the testicles may need to be shaved off to avoid interference with the images being produced. The entire testicular torsion ultrasound procedure takes between fifteen and thirty minutes depending on the extent to which the doctor wishes to analyze the testicular area. Following this, the patient will return home or to the hospital room depending on the nature of the condition.

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