Breast Implants And Exercise

Submitted by Medical Health Test Team on November 20, 2012

There is a close correlation between breast implants and exercise. Women, who have undergone the procedure, have many questions about it, ranging from when they can start exercising after a breast implant surgery, how much of exercise they can do, and whether the breast implants will cause any pain, hindrance or sagging.

How much and when: While opinions vary about how soon exercise should be resumed after breast implants, many surgeons recommend a three week gap. Exercises after three weeks of the breast implant procedure is advised because by then the risk of bleeding is over, and it encourages the pectoralis muscles to adjust to and accommodate the implant more rapidly. Exercise after breast implants leads to stronger and thicker pectoralis muscles, which help to support and hide the implants, and thus give a more natural result.

However, how soon you resume exercise after breast implants varies from woman to woman, and also upon the advice of your surgeon. Women who have been exercising previously have better muscle tone and can resume normal activities sooner. While the first few days of getting back to exercise may be a little uncomfortable, it should be possible to return to full activities by 5 to 6 weeks. It is however important not to overdo the exercise and also not allow sweat to get into the incision, while it is in the process of healing.

If the breast implants are very large, getting used to the extra weight may take some time, and cause pain in the muscles of the shoulders, back and upper arms. Exercising after breast implants will tone up these muscles and make them more capable of carrying the extra weight.

What exercises: Another question about breast implants and exercises is to find out which exercises could be done after the surgery. Again, there are many variables. The size of the implant, muscle tone, body fitness and the type of surgery determines the type and extent of exercises one can do. Sometimes, if the implants are too large, they cause a hindrance when reaching across the chest, or sometimes they cause a drag or discomfort while swimming, weight-lifting, jumping or running.

Weight matters: If the breast implants are too large and heavy, competitive swimmers have often complained of a drag, but recreational swimmers have no such problem. Weight lifters have also sometimes complained that during certain poses, the implants tend to rise up and become obvious. If the diameter of the implant is kept equal to that of the natural breast, this occurrence can be minimized.

Walking is a good exercise after a breast implant surgery.


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