Eye Test For Distant And Close Up Vision

Submitted on March 27, 2012

If you have problems seeing things either from a distance or close up, it might be a good idea to have an eye test done at the earliest. It is extremely important to have an eye test or an eye check up regularly. There are many eye problems like glaucoma for instance, which can be treated if detected early. A vision test or an eye test should be a matter of routine, especially if you are already wearing glasses or contact lens.

Why is an Eye Test important?

Here are some reasons as to why an eye test is so important:-

  • Eyesight can deteriorate very quickly and regular check ups will ensure that you get the best treatment.
  • As mentioned already, certain eye conditions can get fast treatment if detected in time. A loss in time will not bring your vision back.
  • You may only notice a slight blurring as a symptom of an eye problem. An eye test will reveal any existing medical conditions of which you may not even have any symptoms.
  • It is imperative to get an eye test if your family has a history of eye disease. Your eyes may be alright at the moment but you should not take any chances.
  • An eye test can also help diagnose medical conditions like diabetes. Those people who already have diabetes or high blood pressure should definitely go for regular check ups.
  • As you get older it is also necessary to go for eye exams. Also, having an eye test will determine exactly how well you can read/see.

Eye Test Chart, Results and Cost

You can go for an eye test at the private office of an ophthalmologist, or at the eye department of a hospital, or an optical store. Some supermarkets also offer eye tests. Eye test prices will depend on the place where you go for the eye test. Eye hospitals and private ophthalmologist are likely to be more expensive in terms of eye test cost. However, they are better options as they have advanced testing equipment and qualified staff who can detect even rare eye disorders. Supermarkets and optical stores are cheaper options. However, money should not be the determining factor when you decide to go for an eye test. The skill of the staff concerned and the experience of the ophthalmologist concerned should be the deciding factors. Keep in mind that the eye test cost will also include any corrective glasses or lenses that you may have to purchase. Look around and ask people for recommendations before choosing a center for your eye check up. These are important factors that should be taken into consideration. There is also the option of an online eye test but it is advisable to get your eyes checked by a trained professional.

An eye test is painless and only takes about 30 minutes or so to complete and there is nothing scary about an eye test. You will be asked to read letters on an eye test chart. If you are unable to read, you will be shown pictures or matching letters. A light will be shone onto the front of your eyes to check the health of your outer eye. Similarly, a light will be shone into your eyes and you will have to look in different directions. This is to check the inner eye. There are also various computerized machines that will measure the field of vision. Each eye will be tested separately. You may also have a dominant eye test which will determine which eye looks directly at an object (the dominant eye). This is necessary if you are presbyopic and require monovision correction. Your doctor will then give you the eye test results and discuss treatment, if necessary. If you are housebound, you may be able to have a home eye test. Check with your medical practitioner about this.