Myopia Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

A myopia test is done to diagnose the near sightedness of a person. The myopia test is a visual acuity test in which the person is made to read the alphabets on an eye chart which is at a certain distance. The sight of the person is assessed on the basis of how many lines the person can read clearly. The myopia test is the primary test and if the eyesight is found to be bad then further tests are conducted to determine the actual degree of the problem. Several other procedures are used to come to a conclusion on the power of the lenses required by the person to correct their vision.

Myopia Analysis

Myopia analysis is reached with a visual acuity test. The normal visual acuity distance of a person is 20/20 however, this is better in certain individuals who may have a vision of 20/15. Nearsightedness is one of the most common eye problems faced by people. This happens when the length of the eye has increased more than it should and the images are not getting focused properly on the retina which is in the back portion of the eye, instead they are focused on the inside of the eye on the vitreous.

The corrective lens helps the images to be focused on the retina so that the picture becomes clear. A common eye problem amongst most people, myopia ranges in different degrees from mild to, moderate and high. Almost 2% of the population is affected by high myopia which is one of the major causes of being declared legally blind. There is an increased possibility in those who have a high degree of myopia to suffer with macular degeneration, retinal detachment, glaucoma and even cataracts prematurely.

Myopia Test Vision

Myopia test vision shows the extent of vision defect in a person. For those who work for long hours on a computer or any other work which involves the eyes it is best that they take a break after 30 to 40 minutes and then do some eye exercises to rest their eyes. These exercises will take just about 5 minutes and will protect your eyes. Stop working after a while on the computer or any other form of eye work and look at distant objects for a while. Cup you eyes with the palms of your hands as this will create a resting period for them. Most children who have myopia will grow up with more severe vision deterioration. Lasik surgery which is the only method to cure this problem can be done only on adults and not on children.