Reasons & Procedure To Conduct a Adrenaline Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

You will rather often hear the term adrenaline junkie in today's very high paced and frantic world. In most cases, you will see the term attributed to a surprisingly energetic individual. This is because adrenaline is a hormone produced by the body and helps to stimulate the heart rate, dilating air passages and blood vessels as well as having a number of other small effects on the overall running of the body.

The most common instances of natural adrenaline creation within the body include periods of high stress as well as situations of physical exhilaration. The hormone is directly responsible for the fight or flight syndrome in an individual and will help the body adapt to certain dangerous and unexpected situations. With the dilated blood vessels and air passages, the body is able to pass greater amounts of blood to the muscles, thereby getting more oxygen to the blood in a more efficient manner. This will cause a significant increase in physical performance for a short period of time.

Reason Why It is Conducted

An adrenalin test is commonly used to help identify if a person suffers from an addiction to constantly ‘being on a high'. Some people tend to find themselves in this situation as a result of not being able to either consciously or subconsciously handle certain events. High amounts of adrenaline in the body can result in other medical conditions like insomnia or jittery nerves.


An adrenaline addiction comes out of a constant requirement for an individual to keep his or her mind occupied. Adrenaline testing does not usually require any complicated or expensive medical equipment and can be easily identified by asking yourself a few questions about your behavioral patterns. One of the more common symptoms of being an adrenaline junkie is to completely immerse yourself in work or a hobby - thereby ignoring any kind of social interaction whether it is with your family or friends. Some adrenaline junkies may also experience the obsession of having to tick tasks off a list when completed in order to allow themselves a sense of accomplishment. Adrenaline junkies are unaccustomed to silence and solitude and will constantly require some amount of background noise simply to experience a sense of a busy environment. Adrenaline junkies also tend to be very career oriented people and will usually be too focused to find time for relaxation or to de-stress.