Reasons and Interpretation of Chlamydia Antibody Test Results

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Chlamydia Antibody Test

The Chlamydia antibodies serum is used in the Chlamydia antibody test. This test is used to diagnose the specific cause of certain Chlamydia related symptoms, to screen people for sexually transmitted diseases, and to document sexual abuse of a person.


Since the symptoms of Chlamydia are very similar to those of gonorrhea, a diagnostic test is important in order to differentiate between the two. The treatment of the two diseases is quite similar however, their complications are quite different, and therefore it is wise to make that differentiation.

Tests For Diagnosing Chlamydia

There are several tests that can be done in order to test for Chlamydia. Tests like direct fluorescent antibody stain can help detect Chlamydia antibodies and specific antigens. However, a molecular test, which is known as nucleic acid amplification test or NAAT, is the most preferred test for detecting Chlamydia infections.

The specific DNA which is present in Chlamydia trachomatis gets amplified and this test is based on that. The molecular tests are much more specific and sensitive than the chlamydia antibody test because of which NAAT is more widely accepted and preferred.

The doctor may order the chlamydia tests if there are specific symptoms related to the disease. Presence of vaginal discharge or a discharge from the penis, along with pain in urination or pain in the abdomen is the primary symptom.


It is difficult to screen people for this disease because many don't experience any symptoms and pass the disease on unknowingly through sexual contact. It is recommended that all females, younger than 25, who are sexually active, should get themselves screened at least once a year. Women who are younger than 25 and are pregnant, should also get themselves tested for this disease.

Even without any specific symptoms, all people who are sexually active, have a chance of contracting this disease and therefore should get themselves routinely checked. In a lot of cases, tests for gonorrhea are also performed alongside the Chlamydia antibody test.

Interpretation of Tests Results

When the test is positive, it simply means that you have Chlamydia and should seek medical attention. The doctor will examine you and prescribe a course of antibiotics. Negative tests mean that the disease is not present right now.

However, it does not mean that you are not at the risk of developing Chlamydia. In a lot of cases, those who have got cured of the disease may end up getting re infected. This is especially common amongst teenagers and therefore all precautions should be taken.