Information On Beta 2 Microglobulin Urine Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Beta 2 microglobulin, urine is essentially a test which is performed on one's urine. The method name for the same would be Automated Chemiluminescent Immunometric Assay; however, it could also be referred to by short forms like B2M which refer to Beta 2 microglobulin that is a common protein. This is helpful when one has to evaluate a number of things including possible renal tubular damage or kidney damage.

Reasons for Conducting a Beta 2 Microglobulin Urine Test

For instance, this test could also help when determining cadmium as well as mercury exposure. This beta2 microglobulin possesses certain properties on account of which it is employed as a tumor marker in certain cases such as a number of blood cell cancers. However the important thing to note about beta2 microglobulin is that it does not function as a diagnostic test for particular disorders. However, at the same time it can provide valuable information about the state one's kidneys are in, as well as the probable prognosis in some cases.

There are cases where a Beta 2 microglobulin urine test may be used or a blood B2M test may be required. For instance, in the event of kidney disease Beta 2 microglobulin urine test, as well as blood test may be used to arrive at a proper evaluation of the disease. At the same time, your doctor will require additional tests like microalbumin. It is a Beta 2 microglobulin blood test that is used when a tumor marker is needed in cases of multiple myeloma. Here, the marker is used to determine the state of multiple myeloma - that is how far the disease has spread and at what stage it is at. It could also be used when attempting to determine how effective the multiple myeloma treatment is at this stage.


Check with your doctor about the necessary B2M test preparation, if any.


Usually a blood sample is needed for the B2M test although methods may vary. If it is a Beta 2 microglobulin urine test, then it will be a urine sample collected. Typically some substances are added to the sample urine such that there is a binding effect. If the levels of B2M appear to be elevated in one's urine this usually means you're your body is facing some problem. At the same time, as indicated earlier, such increased levels do not imply a precise disease problem. What this does indicate is tumor burden in addition to disease activity.