Technique, Side Effects and Results of Laser Face Lift

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The definition of beauty today is far different that what it was years ago. Flaws in the appearance of a person can be easily corrected with the help of different unnatural methods that are available. This is truly the age of plastic surgery where, instead of feeling good about the person you are, people are finding it rather easy to simply go under the knife to change their appearance. Ageing is one of the most common reasons for cosmetic treatments all over the world as both sexes attempt to recapture their youthfulness through face lifts and other extravagant methods. Laser face lifts are one of the most highly spoken of forms of cosmetic treatment and targets any fine lines and wrinkles that may be prominent on the individuals face. The laser face lift technique is not considered to be a surgical operation because of the fact that the treatment method is non invasive and the procedure is done from outside without cutting through the skin.

Laser Face Lift Side Effects, Before and After

The primary working of a laser face lift is that it focuses heat that passes through the skin and into the underlying facial tissue in order to shrink the collagen that exist behind the skin. This action causes it to contract. The laser face lift before and after results might not look drastically different as the collagen takes some time to shrink even after the treatment has been completed. In about a week, however, you will have noticed a distinct difference between the two phases. During this time, the crusting that is associated with the burning of the skin layer will begin to dissipate and the skin will turn into a bright pink color as the new cells begin to form. This stage f the transformation is likely to span over a couple of days as the new skin starts to adopt the skin tone of the rest of your complexion. Laser face lift side effects are usually a threat only if you do not follow the instructions that are set by your physician. For instance, after having been through a laser face lift, it is extremely important that you make it a point to stay out of direct sunlight. Moreover, one of the most important side effects to be careful of is the risk of being affected by sunburns. In some cases, a cooling spray can be quite handy when dealing with this problem. It is necessary to also get proper advice from your doctor in order to avoid any harmful side effects.