Procedure, Cost and Recovery Time of Mini Face Lift

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The mini face lift is called so because of the quick time in which it is performed and because of the small recovery time. Like all other face lift procedures, the mini face lift can also revitalize the skin and change the appearance of sagging and wrinkled skin to a healthy and beautiful one. Before getting a face lift performed, there are a lot of different factors that should be kept in mind.

Procedure For Conducting a Mini Face Lift

The mini face lift procedure is similar to that of the traditional face lift. However, this is a more targeted procedure in which the actual problem areas like the nose, jowls, chin, or neck are specifically targeted. This is also less invasive than the regular face lift procedures and is performed by removing the sagging skin to tighten it up. There are three areas on which the mini face lift is performed. These are the lower portion of the face, especially around the mouth, the sagging neckline, and a wrinkled jaw line.

Though this is a relatively newer procedure, the mini face lift has quickly become popular because of its short recovery time. The procedure is performed only under the influence of local anesthesia. While in the standard face lift procedure, the down time is about two weeks to one month, the mini face lift requires only seven to ten days of recovery time.

Men and women over 40 years of age can get this surgery performed on them, though women are usually more accepting of this procedure. Those with a broken jaw line can also have this surgery performed on them. However, like all other surgeries, there are some risks to this procedure as well. Though a mini face lift may not affect your overall health, those with diabetes or high blood sugar are at a risk of developing infections.

Cost and Recovery Time

Some preparation may be required before the mini face lift surgery, and the doctor will also instruct you on the aftercare. The face will be bandaged to allow the stitches to heal. You would also be asked to rest for some time and avoid applying any pressure to the skin where the incisions have been made. The mini face lift recovery time is not very long, and with proper care it can be further shortened as well. You can use mini face lift before and after pictures to see what the actual results will look like.

Mini face lift cost varies from one clinical setting to another, depending on the experience of the clinicians and the surgeons. However, there are some clinics that offer financing options to their patients. It is advisable to discuss these options before getting the procedure performed.