Procedure, Cost and Reviews of Thread Face Lift

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Despite the fact that ageing is a completely natural occurrence, most of us are still very scared of what time does to our appearance. This is primarily because of the fact that we live in a world that places a huge amount of importance on an individual's aesthetic appeal – which is something that gradually changes over time as the skin tissue in our body starts to lose elasticity and begin to sag. The development of creases and lines on the face are one of the most common and prominent signs of aging and is usually what most people try to get rid of when they undergo some kind of cosmetic procedure.

Thread Face Lift Procedure, Before and After

Traditional face lift surgeries were complicated procedures that were invasive and took time to heal. However, the newer methods of less invasive face lifting have a number of benefits including the fact that they are very convenient, cost effective as well as results that are almost immediate. Although a thread face lift is not permanent, the results are good enough to help hide noticeable signs of aging for a sustained period of time, but will not work well on heavy facial sagging. The thread face lift requires the cosmetic surgeon to insert thin threads into the patient's skin through tiny incisions and attached to the skin tissue so that when the threads are pulled back, the face is lifted and area smoothened almost immediately. The thread face lift before and after pictures will reveal a more youthful appearance as well as a rejuvenated look. During the procedure, the patient will remain fully awake and in most cases – no anesthesia is provided. The threads are small enough to remain hidden in the skin itself while any scarring that might have occurred will be virtually invisible. As mentioned earlier, the thread face lift procedure is not for everyone and will only help with moderate facial sagging. Hence, the most viable candidates for the procedure are individuals between the ages of 30 and 50.

Cost and Reviews

Given the fact that the procedure takes roughly about 2 hours to complete and requires no anesthesia, the thread face lift cost will be significantly less than the regular methods of face lifts, although the prices will vary from one clinic to another and from one state to another. Most thread face lift reviews show the customers being happy with the work performed, although it is always good to get some personal feedback from customers of the cosmetic surgeon that you plan to have you procedure done with.