Information About Stem Cell Face Lift

Submitted on March 27, 2012

With the stem cell technology becoming a very commonly conducted medical procedures, it has revolutionized cosmetic surgery as well. Stem cell facelift may seem like a facelift procedure in which stem cells are injected into the tissues. However, it is not so. This is a complicated procedure in which the stem cells are first developed to match the skin structure specific to a person. Since stem cells have the potential to regenerate, using them for a facelift ensures that your skin remains younger through regeneration of new tissue.

Technique Used

The stem cell face lift technique involves fat grafting from one area of the face to another area. This is performed through liposuction and then injection of the sucked fat into the desired area. This fat, which is removed through the process of liposuction, usually contains natural stem cells. The stem cells are extracted from the fat so that they can be added to the new skin in an increased concentration. A procedure where these stem cells are not isolated from the fat is not called stem cell face lift. This has presented one of the biggest problems of this medical procedure. Since many surgeons perform fat grafting without isolating and re-injecting the stem cells, they do not perform the real stem cell face lift even though they may be calling it that.


Stem cell face lift is a relatively new concept in cosmetic surgery, especially the anti-ageing field. The body's own stem cells are grafted and used to eliminate old, wrinkled and sagging skin. Stem cell face lift cost is enormous since it is still a fairly new technology and has not yet been perfected. For a lot of people wishing to get rid of their old and sagging skin, stem cell face lift is still a dream due to its lack of availability.

Stem Cell Face Lift Before and After Surgery

The stem cell face lift surgery is also not without its risks. Till date, there is only anecdotal evidence that stem cell supports anti-ageing technologies. Though the fat injected into the new areas of the skin may plump it up and give it a rejuvenated appearance, there is no way of making sure that the advantages that this procedure claims will actually be realized. So, though the stem cell face lift before and after pictures may tempt you, there is no real way of knowing whether or not the procedure will work for you.

For your own protection, it is important to first find out all you can about this procedure and check the doctor who is performing the surgery. Only when you are completely satisfied, should you opt to get the procedure performed.