Body Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The human body is made up of a collection of bones, organs, muscle tissue and fat. Each individual has a unique body which has its own specific characteristics. There is a considerable emphasis on an individual’s body type when it comes to health as well as perceptions regarding a person’s physical attractiveness. A body test may be used to determine the individual’s body type.

Body Mass Index Test

There are several measurements that can be used as part of a body test. An individual’s weight is one of the main aspects related to the body test. One simple type of body test is the body mass index test. This medical test is highly simplistic in nature and does not take into account variables such as genetics and muscle mass. Instead, the body mass index simply uses the weight and height of an individual to give the individual a score for their body mass. This score is used to classify the individual as underweight, overweight, obese or normal. The body mass index test, while being simplistic, is really useful for figuring out if an individual needs to lose or gain weight. Weight related health problems are well documented, both for individuals who are underweight and for individuals who are overweight as well. Generally speaking, those in the middle of the normal range are likely to be the healthiest individuals.

Body Fat Test

A body fat test is used to estimate how much fat is present on an individual’s body. It should be noted that the human body does need fat for its survival. Fat is important as part of the diet. Those with severely low levels of body fat will suffer form health problems. However, most people tend to have excess fat related problems. Thus, using a body fat test, these people can estimate how much of their body is made up of fat and how much is made up of other tissue, organ and bone. The aim of a body fat test is to give the individual adequate information so that he or she can choose a relevant weight management program suited to his or her body type.

The term body test is therefore quite generic. However, the term body test does apply to most tests that are used to determine the characteristics of an individual’s body and the resulting health benefits and ramifications. This type of testing is therefore useful when considering the general health of an individual and the long term health of the individual as well.