Information About Parathyroid Hormone Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The parathyroid glands are a collection of glands located behind the thyroid gland. The thyroid itself is located in the neck region of the body. This gland performs important functions associated with the body's ability to manage the levels of calcium present in the body. Calcium is one of the building blocks needed for the production of healthy bones. Furthermore, a proper balance of calcium is needed in the blood stream so as to make sure that there is no damage caused to the kidneys.

Why is a Parathyroid Hormone Test Conducted?

The parathyroid hormone test is a test used to determine the level of the parathyroid hormone in the blood stream. This level would indicate how efficiently the gland is functioning. Other tests may be used to check calcium levels so that a detailed evaluation of the individual's health can be made. The parathyroid hormone test is conducted as a simple blood test. As with other standard blood drawing procedures, the parathyroid hormone test involves the collection of blood using a syringe that is inserted into a vein in the upper forearm. The parathyroid hormone test levels are then calculated from this sample after it is analyzed in a laboratory.


The parathyroid hormone test preparation schedule indicates that one should avoid consuming any food or drink apart from plain water for up to ten hours before the test. Normally, the test is performed in the morning as this is easier for the patient. The test is conducted in the morning also because of the fact that the parathyroid hormone level tends to change during the day as a result of physical activity. With all blood tests, some amount of control is needed for the test results to be accurate as well as relevant to the individual.

Parathyroid Hormone Blood Test

After the parathyroid hormone blood test, the patient is allowed to return home immediately. The incision wound is covered with a small adhesive tape. The individual should then consume a full meal which will allow the body to nourish itself again. The entire duration of the test as far as the patient is concerned is no more than five minutes. The sample will take longer to be analyzed in a laboratory. In most cases, the parathyroid hormone test is conducted along with other tests conducted on the same sample of blood.

This will ensure that the complete medical information pertaining to the individual is available allowing for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.