Reasons, Procedure and Preparation For Technetium Bone Scan

Submitted on March 27, 2012

A technetium bone scan is nothing but a regular bone scan with technetium used as tracer. The scan could also be called  by other names such as technetium 99 bone scan. The term bone scan basically implies a procedure wherein a closer look at the bones is obtained with the use of tracers, which must be injected into the person undergoing the bone scan. This is like other scans where tracers are used, and the term technetium bone scan is thus obtained on account of the material used.

Reasons For Conducting a Technetium Bone Scan

Such bone scans are fairly common procedures and there are several reasons for suggesting the need for scanning one’s bones.

One of the common needs for such scans would be possible or known injury as these are routine. People often face hairline fractures and other such injuries to their bones when they fall or in some way hurt themselves. The use of scans enables the doctor to take a better look at the possible injuries to the bones, which enables better treatment. The same sort of imaging procedure also enables in making more informed decisions about various treatment for different problems. It can be used to check the progress of physical ailments affecting our bones, such as the manner in which cancer has progressed. One can even check on infections which would affect the bone and other health problems. It is important to note that such scans are typically helpful when looking at whether or not something is wrong with the bones and whether a disease has made progress. However diagnosing the reason would take more investigation and the scan alone will not help. A technetium 99 bone scan is just one option since there are other varieties of bone scanning techniques available.


Prior to the technetium scanning procedure, one should check for any guidelines since typically a bone scan such as this would not require preparation. Your doctor will need to know basics such as whether you are pregnant or breast feeding. If so the doctor would recommend precautionary measures to be followed before and after the procedure.


What essentially happens in any such imaging procedure is that the scan is taken with the aid of a special imaging tracer. Technetium is a radioactive compound and is used as a tracer for the scan. This tracer is injected into the body through the normal process of administering an injection. With the help of this tracer, the doctor can then view scanned images of your bone since the tracer material shows up on such film.