Muscle Test and Its Types

Submitted on March 27, 2012

The muscles of the human body are used as power generating units to help with the various movements of the human body. There are many different muscles present in the body with different structures suited to their individual uses. Some muscles are extremely small and may never ever be noticed by the individuals. Specialized muscles work in specific organs that need unique muscles to aid their functioning. The heart muscles are a great example of muscles that are uniquely developed for their specific application.

What is a Muscle Test?

The term muscle test is a rather vague term used to define many different medical and non medical tests. Besides this one could also have a manual muscle test, muscle labeling test, muscle self test, body muscle test, muscle tissue test and so on conducted.

A muscle test is one that is used to check various parameters of the muscle or muscles in question. An online muscle test would include muscle identification test, muscle labeling test, muscle name test, and similar test that would check your knowledge on the muscles of your body.

Medical Muscle Test

From a medical test point of view, a muscle test is usually a test that is used to check an individual muscle for its response to stimulus. This may be done when the patient is suffering from some muscle related problem. A muscle test may also be used as part of the diagnosis procedure for nerve related problems. There are several degenerative conditions that eventually lead to loss of movement control. A muscle test may be used to check if the muscle is responding to a stimulus or not. If the muscle does respond, then it is likely that the patient is suffering from a nerve conduction problem rather than a muscle problem. This type of medical muscle test is also used to check for muscle degeneration and damage. Muscle damage is common in a number of sporting activities. One may also use imaging tests and scans in order to perform a muscle test. These scans will enable the doctor to check the type of damage that has occurred so that the appropriate treatment method can be adopted to fix the condition. A medical muscle test may sometimes be known as a muscle tissue test, especially if there is fear that the muscle tissue has ruptured or has been torn because of some physical injury. An online muscle test would not prove very beneficial in such cases.

Muscle Practice Test

A completely different aspect of muscle testing is the muscle practice test. This type of test is used for recovering individuals who seek to regain movement and mobility in their muscles. A muscle practice test can also be used to estimate the rate at which degenerative nerve conditions are progressing. A muscle test may also be repetitive in nature to check if there is a problem once the muscle is stressed and stretched.