Chromosome Karyotype Test: Results and Cost

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Chromosomes are present in every cell of the body. These chromosomes carry the DNA information that defines many aspects of an individual's life. DNA evidence is used to determine if the individual will develop normally or not. There are a few genetic abnormalities that may be caught at an early stage of pregnancy. The tendency is to suggest that such pregnancies be terminated as they would only lead to the development of children who are born with abnormalities.

Why Is a Karyotype Test Conducted?

The karyotype test is used to collect the information needed relating to the health and functioning of the chromosomes. There are several steps that need to be followed in order to perform the karyotype test. The sample is collected from a newborn baby or from the amniotic fluid of a pregnant woman. The entire karyotype test procedure requires one week to be performed. This is because the cells need to be collected and then divided and allowed to grow. When these cells grow in the laboratory, the doctors can identify the necessary genetic information in order to make a diagnosis.

The actual process of collecting information from the chromosomes is complicated and requires extremely precise work. There is a specialized type of laboratory used for such testing. This is known as a cytogenetics laboratory. Cytogenetics is a relatively modern field of medicine. For this reason, one may not find a cytogenetics laboratory in every hospital. There are specialty hospitals that deal with issues relating to genetics. One needs to have the karyotype test done in such a location.

The chromosome karyotype test is conducted to identify a number of different genetic conditions. One such syndrome is Down's syndrome. One may also discover conditions such as Klinefelter syndrome, Philadelphia syndrome and Turner syndrome. All these conditions involve complications relating to the genetic makeup of cells. In order to understand these conditions further, one may speak with the doctor for clarifications.

Preparation, Test Results and Cost

There is no preparation required for the karyotype test. In fact, as far as the patient is concerned, the karyotype test takes less than a minute to perform. If the test is performed on a pregnant woman, then it will be done when she visits the clinic for a checkup. If the karyotype test is done on a new born baby, then it will be done in the hospital itself. Samples may then be transported to the appropriate laboratory capable of conducting the chromosome karyotype test. You could check with your doctor for the karyotype test cost as these rates would vary accordingly. Also it is of utmost importance that the karyotype test results be shown to your doctor for a proper interpretation.