Reasons, Preparation and Procedure to Conduct a Testicular Scan

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Testicular Scan

A testicular scan is usually recommended in cases where the patient suffers from pain in the testicles or to check for any problems. It might even be used if a lump is positioned on the man's testes. However, usually, in such cases it is an orchiectomy or some other kind of test which is employed to make the diagnosis of cancer.

Why is it done?

In most cases, a testicular scan is utilized when dealing with problems such as an injury to the area, so as to assess the damage caused. There could be other circumstances such as if the patient is suffering from a testicle which has swollen up and is causing pain. Testicular cancer is a growing problem that comes under the category of germ cell cancer. As mentioned earlier, a testicular scan may also sometimes be used when a lump detected could be a tumor, so as to scan for testicular cancer. Such a lump may be spotted when the doctor examines the individual or in the process of a self-examination. In other cases, this scan may be advisable when the doctor wishes to examine the blood flow going to this area of the male body.

How to prepare for it?

A testicle scan does not really require any preparation other than a consent form. This is not an invasive procedure but merely a scan. Thus, there is no need to worry about surgery, or food and drink intake.

How is it done?

A testicular scan typically involves a camera which is utilized in order to obtain pictures of the male's testes or testicles. This is possible after the accumulation of something known as a radioactive tracer in the candidate's testicular tissue. This tracer makes it possible to get clearer images of the testicles. Thus, the first step would involve an injection which introduces the tracer which travels all the way from the arm (where it in injected) to one's testicles. It is a nuclear medicine technologist, who typically performs such a scan. If the scan reveals that is an irregular accumulation of this substance in the testicles, there is a possibility of tumors. It can also help to identify both abscesses and cysts. These days a scan for testicular cancer has given way to testicular ultrasound. This procedure is typically used when looking at possible tumors as well as determining causes behind testicular torsion, which is a serious medical condition.