Prostate Test

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Before getting into the various prostate tests that can be conducted on the gland to identify the various conditions that may be affecting it, it helps to understand the role that the gland plays in the human body. The prostate gland is primarily required to secrete a rather alkaline fluid that is milky white in appearance and accounts for about 20% to 30% of the overall quantity of the semen. The alkalinity of the fluid plays an important role in neutralizing the acidity of the vaginal tract – thereby allowing the sperm to exist within the woman’s body for a longer period of time. In order to function properly, the prostate gland will require an influx of testosterone, which is a sex hormone that is responsible for male sex characteristics.

Prostate Test Procedure

Coming to the different prostate tests and prostate test procedures, probably the most common condition to affect the gland is cancer. In the event that you are having significant problem with urination, the doctor may also recommend that you undergo some prostate tests to check for an enlarged prostate. Some of the more common initial tests for an enlarged prostate include a digital rectal exam during which the presiding doctor will insert a gloved finger into the rectum in order to feel the rectum. Another one of the more common initial prostate tests is the urine test – where a sample of the patient’s urine is sent to a laboratory for further analysis. A PSA test is another non – home prostate test that will help identify the levels of PSA (or prostate specific antigen) in the blood. However, in the event of almost any serious medical condition being suspected, such as in the case of prostate cancer, a prostate biopsy is the most highly suggested and most commonly practiced prostate test.

Age Safety and Score

Just as with any non home prostate test, there are always likely to be complications that develop – most of which will tend to be the result of the doctors negligence such as if an infection were to develop because of the use of non-sterilized equipment. A number of samples of tissue from the gland will be extracted and sent to the laboratory where the technicians will look for the presence of cancer cells. Because of the fact that this procedure will require intrusive inspection, the patient will require some amount of bed rest once the procedure has been completed. Prostate test age safety will be specific to the kind of prostate test that the individual is undergoing at the time. The prostate test score would be analyzed by your doctor in order to find out the exact condition that you would be suffering from.