How To Test For a Brain Tumor?

Submitted on March 27, 2012

Brain tumor is the abnormal growth of the cells that are found in the brain. There are two different kinds of tumors. The first kind of tumors is found in young children and can cause loss of various faculties as well as eventual death, if malignant. The other kind of brain tumor is known as metastatic brain tumor that originates in the brain but spreads quickly to the rest of the body.

Brain Tumor Causes

The causes of brain tumor are as yet uncertain. However, it is believed that there are certain risk factors that increase the chances of developing tumors and cancers in the brain. There is a significantly increased risk of brain cancer when a lot of radiation therapy is used on the body, especially the upper part of the body. As a result of the radiation, tumors can form in the cells of the brain, nerves, meninges, and glands. Once these tumors form, they begin to destroy the nerve cells. The tumors may also increase the pressure inside the skull or press down on specific nerves, causing loss of certain bodily functions.


In a lot of cases, the symptoms of the tumors are not very specific and manifest themselves as symptoms that may not directly be correlated to brain tumors. Usually the tumor does not cause any symptoms unless it is very big in size. Once large enough, they can cause a rapid decline of a person’s health. Some of the tumors may have specific symptoms that manifest themselves slowly. However, these depend on the exact location of the tumor.


There are several brain tumor tests that can help confirm the presence of tumors. Usually, when tumors are present in the skull, they cause an increase in pressure. A test for brain tumor can also done by measuring the pressure inside the head. Some of the tests that can help confirm the presence of tumors are CT scans of the head and biopsies of tissues from the head, guided by a CT scan. If a surgery has been performed in the brain, in order to remove tumors, the removed tissues may be examined for further symptoms of tumors. Another way to conduct brain tumor testing is to take an EEG or an MRI of the head. In some cases, the cerebro spinal fluid is used to check for chemicals produced by tumors. The cerebral spinal fluid examination can help detect cancerous cells